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Are you looking for pet grooming in Nutter Fort, WV? If so, call Out of the Way Pet Grooming LLC. Proper grooming makes a difference in the health of your dog or cat. Pet bathing helps to reduce excessive shedding. Brushing keeps their fur free from painful tangles and matting. Regular nail trimming helps prevent unnecessary pain and difficulty walking.

The experienced groomers at Out of The Way Pet Grooming LLC want a one-on-one relationship with you and your pet. Each pet is our number one priority, and we pride ourselves on customer service. We have in-house cameras to reassure your pet receives quality care from our groomers. Professional grooming services offered for all breeds of dogs and cats. When your pet needs pampering, call Out of The Way Pet Grooming LLC at (304) 624-4677 for an appointment.

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Founded in 1996, Out of The Way Pet Grooming LLC is family owned and operated. The groomers have over forty-two years of combined experience. Owners Misty Nuzum and her son-in-law Eric Warner. Misty is a native of Nutter Fort, WV and has five dogs of her own. She is her family’s third generation groomer, and her daughters are fourth generation groomers at the business. Misty’s experience spans three states, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. Her background includes being a vet groomer, kennel groomer, and show dog handler.

We Use Special Dog Grooming Techniques

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Tired of typical dog trims? Why not try our Asian Fusion Grooming. Our experienced dog groomers will elevate the look of your dog to a new level. Asian Fusion promotes rounded heads, bell bottom shaped legs, and teddy bear ears. Other options include bangs, bows and bandanas. The choice is yours.

Spa Treatments for an Additional Fee






Does your dog breed need hand stripping? Certain dog breeds need hand stripping to remove dead hairs allowing a new coat to grow in. Failure to do this process will result in their coat having a dull appearance. Our professional dog groomers can make this quick and comfortable for your pet.

To find out more about Asian Fusion Grooming or Hand Stripping, call Out of the Way Pet Grooming LLC.

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For the most part, cat grooming is a natural process. But, there are benefits to having regular grooming by skilled cat groomers. Brushing fur will help prevent furball development and matted fur. Nail clipping can prevent painful broken claws. Also, it protects you and your furniture from scratches. Pet bathing is necessary to remove stubborn dirt, or their fur has a smelly odor. Your cat will receive the utmost care at our Nutter Fort, WV location.

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